Tráfico de personas: 6 migrantes mueren en Texas

Cuatro migrantes murieron y otros tres resultaron heridos en un accidente tras una persecución a alta velocidad en Encinal
Foto: DPS de Texas

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At least six migrants were killed and ten others have been rescued from human smuggling incidents in Texas in the past 24 hours, authorities reported. 

On Thursday, four migrants were killed and three others were injured in a crash after a high-speed chase in Encinal, Texas, about 40 miles north of Laredo. 

“A white Jeep SUV was evading United States Border Patrol traveling north," according to a statement from Texas Highway Patrol Sgt. Erick Estrada. As the car attempted to take an exit, it lost control and crashed into a parked semitrailer. 

“He was going over 100 mph. I was at 129 and I was barely catching up to them,” ...

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