Habitantes de Ciudad de México se oponen a la llegada de inmigrantes de California

Estadounidenses y otros extranjeros han comprado casas en barrios emblemáticos de la capital mexicana, lo cual ha generado que los alquileres suban más allá del alcance de la mayoría de los mexicanos
Los habitantes de Ciudad de México empiezan a volverse contra los expatriados estadounidenses

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The exodus of Californians and other Americans away from high housing prices and rising crime in large U.S. cities are beginning to clash with longtime residents of Mexico’s capital, who say they are gentrifying neighborhoods and not doing enough to learn the language and culture.

The number of tourists and remote workers from Silicon Valley, New York City and other U.S. cities to Mexico spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, which normalized working from home. Mexico also remained largely open to foreign travel, unlike Asia and Europe.

But locals have begun to push back at the newcomers transforming some of Mexico City’s most treasured neighborhoods into “expat enclaves,” ...

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