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'Cuba: An American History': las trampas de la historia

Pronto te das cuenta de que la profesora Ferrer le ha dado a su protagonista toda la latitud necesaria para moverse sin restricciones. Así es como a los demócratas y sus escritores les gusta imaginarse a Fidel

Las trampas de la Historia
Ilustración/Armando Tejuca | Las trampas de la Historia

Actualizado: 18 November, 2022


One lasting outcome from the horrible, wonderful years of 2021 and 2022 is that the Iberian nations of the Western Hemisphere will no longer be mysteries to the people of the United States. The crisis at the U.S. southern border unleashed by the Biden administration is far too deep to allow a return to the days of ignorance. At last, a voyage of discovery is beginning.

In the last 60-plus years American society has undergone a transformation, the effects of which are just becoming visible. A vital source of those transformations is a series of changes in the Spanish-language nations of this hemisphere. But so far those developments are not really understood by America’s pundits who are faking it rather than making it. ...

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